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Meet the Techfynder global team and the new faces onboard. We are the people that make it happen. Techfynder is recognised for its adaptability, speed, flexibility and high success rates in finding qualified and experienced talents for all business needs. We are a team of leaders, marketers, sales, developers and recruiters working together to create a seamless hiring journey for both employers and job seekers. 

Meet the Leadership Team


Praveen Madire - CEO/Founder

Praveen who is originally from Hyderabad India came to Ireland in 2001 to pursue a postgraduate degree in IT at Dublin City University. He then joined IBM as a graduate engineer and stayed there until 2010 when he moved to the US technology company, Avaya.

He started Test Triangle the IT service provider specialising in application testing, DevOps, RPA, Custom software development, mobile app development, Atlassian consultancy in 2012 and created in 2019 to find and hire IT contractors globally.

He has worked in IT for nearly 13 years but always wanted to start his own technology company. He is a passionate entrepreneur and likes to experiment with business ideas to solve real-world problems.


Brendan O'Connor - CFO

A Chartered Certified Accountant with 23 years PQE. Brendan spent five years working in Audit Practice and 12 Years with IBM, working in various roles, including Revenue Accounting, Finance and Planning and Service Contract Integrations.

He spent two years as the Financial Controller of a property-backed PLC and joined Test Triangle/Techfynder Limited as their Chief Financial Officer. He has helped the company grow its revenues and staffing footprint threefold. He has developed strong commercial, organisational, and planning skills and has successfully communicated across all department levels.

He is responsible for commercial contract reviews and, as part of the SMT, supporting strategic decision-making within the organisation.


Paul Guy - Marketing & Sales Director

Paul is our Director of Global Marketing and Communications and is thoroughly passionate about ensuring that every brand touchpoint is accessible and represents the company in the correct sentiment. He manages a high-performance team of growth marketers, digital experts, content writers, data scientists and sales teams worldwide. Every B2B and B2C campaign captures the Techfynder brand's unique spirit. 

Paul has played a pivotal role within the company by positioning Techfynder to its current level through outstanding marketing, resulting in high ROI, significant organic business growth in multiple geographies, and brand penetration whilst building a dedicated global team.

He has a Master's degree in Marketing and Communications and a diploma in Cognitive Psychology. 

Techfynder-Madhu Govind

Madhu Govind - Global Delivery Head

Madhu is our Global Delivery Head, he brings a wealth of IT experience spanning over an impressive 23 years, meticulously cultivated through prominent roles at Globally recognised companies, notably Tata Consultancy Services. His professional journey has traversed diverse international markets, engaging with clients in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, and India.

Within Test Triangle, Madhu has been instrumental in elevating our in-house product, Techfynder, to its current pinnacle through consistent dedication and shaping it up over the past few years. His visionary approach and meticulous execution have significantly contributed to refining Techfynder into a robust and highly competitive solution.

Marketing and Communications Team

Meet our Marketing team.

We are a team of creative and analytical thinkers who are storytellers. Our focus is on the customer journey and delivering a personable service regardless of location.

  1. Affiliate & Influencer Marketing: We strategically partner with affiliates and influential personalities; we leverage their reach to amplify brand exposure.

  2. Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Outreach: Our team harnesses the power of search engine marketing and social media outreach to engage with the right audience at the right time.

  3. Sponsorships: We keep looking for partners in line with our brand to assist jobseekers or recruiters with our services. Through thoughtfully curated sponsorships, we position our brands in the relevant markets.

  4. Developing Marketing Teams Globally: Our diverse team allows us to tap into various regional markets, enabling localised campaigns that resonate with specific audiences.

Harsha Vardhan

Head of Marketing (India)


Dakshyani Das

Senior Content Writer

MicrosoftTeams-image (41)-1

Prem Kumar

Digital Marketing Specialist

MicrosoftTeams-image (9)-1-1

Rudra Pulipaka

Field Marketing Executive


Charan Teja

Marketing Partnership Executive

Shivani Raghuwanshi

Shivani Raghuwanshi

Marketing Executive

Uday Bhargav

Uday Bhargav

SEO Analyst

Business Development Team

Introducing Our Sales Team:
Connecting Your Pain Points with Our Solutions!

IIndustry experts:
We understand your hiring challenges and bring valuable insights.

Empowering You Through Effective Communication:
We deeply understand 
our offerings and can answer any questions you may have. Whether over the phone, through emails, or face-to-face meetings, our Sales Team is here to empower you with the information you need to make decisions.

Engage and Close Deals:
We engage with prospects to understand their needs, explain our service offered, and work towards closing deals and converting leads into paying customers.

Time-Efficient Process:
Our sales team ensures a streamlined recruitment process, delivering quality hires within agreed-upon timelines.

Ongoing Support:
Our commitment doesn't end with sourcing profiles  We provide continuous support, ensuring long-term satisfaction.


Rumana Jairumi

Global Head of Sales

Rohith Naga

Rohith Naga

Senior Business
Development Executive

Nancy Deborah-1

Nancy Deborah

Business Development


Ajay Danthala

Business Development

Srinivas Kurella-2

Srinivas Kurella

Business Development

Technical and Software Team


Vijay Satyamsetti

Senior Frontend Developer

Naveen Arroju

Naveen Arroju

Devops Engineer

Chandrashekar Achugatla

Chandrashekar Achugatla

Senior Back End Developer


Rajasekhar Reddy

Backend Developer


Durga Pratap

Front End Developer

Arjun Kore

Arjun Kore

Test Engineer

Vinusha Melam

Vinusha Melam 

Test Engineer

Shravani Muthyam

Shravani Muthyam 

Test Engineer

Shanmukha Kodela

Shanmukha Kodela

Front End Developer

Manjunatha Reddy-Techfynder

Manjunatha Reddy

Front End Developer


Ramana Reddy

UI/UX Designer

Suchit Reddy Loka

Suchit Reddy Loka

Software Test Engineer

Jimit Patel

Jimit Patel

Junior Back End Developer


Sabitha Maram

Software Test Engineer 

Talent Acquisition Group


Sindhu Sathavelli

HR Manager India

Venkata Sukesh Doniparthy-Techfynder

Sukesh Venkata

Recruitment Manager India


Manikanta Borra

Team Lead -TAG

Pravalika Dachepally-Techfynder

Pravalika Dachepally

Senior Associate-TAG


Bhavana Kurapati

Senior Associate-TAG

Anitha Navuluri-Techfynder

Anitha Navuluri



Pavani Kesuboyina



Neela Sabbella 



Thulasi Dudapaka


Ramya Gamini-Techfynder

Ramya Gamini