About  Us

We are a global direct platform for businesses to hire Professional Talent using a subscription or license. Our service allows companies like yours to directly connect with professional talent and to carry out every aspect of the recruiting process via a single portal.

The service, which is available via a dedicated website allows jobseekers to highlight their skills, experience, salary, location, and type of role that match with suitable companies. Professionals looking for work can find remote and onsite job opportunities in any location. Our clients will then contact the suitable candidate with job opportunities directly based on their profile. 

Companies can hire and conduct efficient background verification checks, pre-screening interviews, direct messaging, and shortlisting with our direct subscription based service. Get direct access to a pool of professionals in over 150 countries worldwide. We also offer a Hybrid Solution in the form of a Strategic License, with this companies can avail of a dedicated account manager and a recruitment team. Here we manage all admin processes, from job posting, rate evaluation, pre-screening and offer payroll services too.


Our platform is active in over 150 countries worldwide and is used by thousands of professionals and some of the top leading companies such as IBM, Accenture, Oracle, KPMG, TATA and TES-Amm. Through our relentless focus on product innovation and customer success, we have become one of the most trusted global standard platforms and the most reliable HR tech platform to watch for in 2021 as per Business Connect Magazine. 

Techfynder is helping companies around the world to hire qualified professional talent and saving an average of 80% on total recruitment cost. We are bringing efficiency to the hiring process by applying the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to the process. If you are looking for immediate results in your recruitment process, then Techfynder is an excellent platform to be registered on. 


Our Story


The phenomenal journey for Techfynder began in 2019, when the Founder and CEO Praveen Madire, was struck by the fact there were no straightforward platforms that professional talent could use to promote themselves to companies and to find new opportunities. Though businesses were facing a similar scenario, Praveen comprehended the inefficiency of the job portals formulated by the companies.

It was a light bulb moment for him that boosted his entrepreneurial passion that led to the establishment of a comprehensive platform that could bridge that gap between the professionals at the global level. This led him to assemble a self-motivated and passionate team of developers and marketers to ensure excellent prospects for job seekers as well as companies.

He then set out to assemble a passionate and dedicated team of developers and marketers to build a global recruitment platform to bring a better future for contractors and companies. Launched in October 2019, our digital product is a free service for professional contractors to register and a subscription-based service for companies who need fast-moving, skilled technology that aligns with their business objectives and delivers rapid results to hire technology contractors.

Today, Techfynder is recognised for its adaptability, speed, flexibility and high success rates in finding qualified and experienced talents for all business needs. We have grown steadily, and now have over 100 talented individuals who benefit from working in a thriving and diverse company where the opportunities are endless. Meet our Team


Company Culture



To be a global leader in the HR Tech industry, providing an economical and quality-driven service for businesses to source professional talent.


To have 5 million professional job seekers registered across the globe and 50,000 clients across all the top sectors within the IT industry.


To provide a direct solution for businesses to hire professional talent globally and for job seekers to find remote or onsite work for the clients.


We're obsessed with quality in everything we do, committed to providing unparalleled quality and services to our clients and job seekers. We listen to their needs and strive to exceed their expectations.


We believe in innovation as a mindset, challenging our ideas of what's possible in order to meet the needs of our clients and job seekers. Every employee is encouraged to bring out their creativity.


We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of all success. We always strive to do the right thing by saying what we mean, delivering our promises, and matching our behaviours to our words.



Proud to be Supporting the Irish Cricket

Irish cricket continues to make great strides in its development on the international stage, and on the domestic front interest and participation have never been greater. Essential to this continued growth is a First-class competition and Techfynder are very proud to support this through our sponsorship. 

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Our Awards and Achievements 


We are delighted to present that Techfynder has achieved another unique milestone in the industry: Recognized by Business Connect Magazine as The Most Reliable HR Tech Platform to Watch in 2021 for our growth and differentiating factors.

Today, Techfynder has become a one-stop solution for all size of businesses in its niche market where clients can avail the direct access to ‘Global Talent Pool’ of professionals in over 150 countries. Read more here.




Techfynder wins Silver at the National Startup Awards 2020

From being named as one of the 'Top Tech Startups in Ireland', Techfynder have been awarded Silver for 'Top Tech Startup of the Year' in the 2020 National Startup Awards. Read more of our milestone achievement here.

Our CEO Praveen Madire said, "It's an honour to win our first ever silver award in our first year of business. It reflects our mission to innovate at a furious pace and maintain a laser-focus on helping our clients build high performing contracting teams. This recognition is a true testament to Techfynder’s vision of leading the future of work. Entering the awards and receiving judges’ feedback has been a great opportunity to really look at our business through fresh eyes and we would like to thank National Start-up Awards for giving us this wonderful opportunity and Enterprise Ireland for their continuous support".

Our Presence

We are privileged to have  professionals in over 150 countries worldwide. We are making hiring global talent easy, fast, and simple. 


We are proud to have been awarded Silver for '"Top Tech Startup of the Year'" category in the 2020 National Startup Awards in Ireland for our first year in business.


Though being a Start-Up in the Global market, we have delivered a whopping 32% growth in Q1 of 2021 with satisfied clients. We strive to meet our client's expectations. 


We have already scaled our initial markets in Ireland, United Kingdom and mainland Europe to new regions in India, South Africa, ASEAN, Middle East, US and Canada.

Remote Work

2020 took it to a whole other level, and when the industry faced difficult challenges, we adapted to remote working, protecting the health and safety of our employees.


We are Proud to announce that out of 20,000 start-ups in Ireland, Techfynder got listed as one of the 24 companies positioning for a future beyond Covid-19.

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